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Attention to the environment has become valuable even on the stock exchange. And it is about time.

17 May 2019 Articles

Companies that provide services to shareholders and bondholders are increasingly demanding climate attention. ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues are also increasingly important for international funds and banks. Climate begins to have a financial weight. And it is about time.

What emerges from Morrow Sodali's annual Institutional Investor Survey may seem surprising, but in reality it is only the confirmation that the change of course has taken place. Morrow Sodali is one of the leading global players specialized in services for shareholders and bondholders, corporate governance and capital market operations, which for some years has conducted a very thorough investigation to intercept, map and understand in which direction the interests of institutional investors move towards companies in their portfolio. The 2019 edition of the survey, which was conducted last December on a sample of 46 institutional investors holding 33 trillion USD in assets under management, explicitly and significantly represents their growing attention in demanding not only more information on the board composition and on corporate strategies, but also on the management of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) issues.

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